Thursday, January 25, 2007

Video: Unboxing the Nokia N95

I used my Nokia N93 to shoot an unboxing video of the Nokia N95. Here's what the shooting setup looked like:


Michael Meiser said...

So... obviously this isn't ready for market. Looks like they gave you every manual but that for the n95.

I thought the n93 was shipping already btw?

So... when are we going to see some videos. And are you going to compare features.

I thought the n93 had some better specifications for shooting video and/or photos, but perhaps i'm mistaken.

One of these days I'll actually have some time to contact the nokia people.

Did you send the n93 back?

Steve Garfield said...

I've got an English manual now.

I still have the N93. You will see some videos.

Check here for some I uploaded directly from the N95 to VOX.

free ps3 said...

I LOVE my new N95!

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