Wednesday, January 31, 2007

N95 Indoor Pictures with a Flash

Boston Web Innovators Group
Last night I went to a meeting in Boston, It was a good time to try out the N95 in a low light situation. The photos are much better than the N93.

It takes quite a while for the camera to display the image after taking the picture, but I'm sure that's just because this is a preproduction model. It seems that I have some focus issues too, but that might be because I put my subjects over on the side of the frame. The focus area is pretty big. I'll have to play around some more with this. If it's like any other camera, I'm sure I just have to focus on the subject and then move the camera to the side.

On thing I can tell you is that the N95 will make you very popular at parties. The meeting I was at was all about new software solutions in technology. One attendee told me that seeing the N95 was the highlight of his evening. It's a fun phone to show people.

At dinner after the meeting we were talkign about Imogen Heap and my friend hadn't heard of her, so I took out the N05 and played him one of her songs. I just set the phone down on the table and let the music play out of the stereo speakers. People liked it.


yash gupta said...

it takes a while for the phone to display the picture is because the phone has a slow processor and/or memory. What about the shutter lag in the N95?

Steve Garfield said...

Keep in mind it's a pre production phone, but it's got shutter lag too.

I've gotten used to it though and instead of missing shots, i get some surprises when the image finally displays after taking the shot.

it's like waiting for an old Polaroid picture to develop.

Bikran said...

Ya its take some time to display the picture and i too some time double click due to that confusion.

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