Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Broadcasting Live from Cellphone to the Web

Broadcasting Live from Cellphone to the Web - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

I can't believe I just did a live broadcast from my Nokia N93 over WiFi to the web. This is the future. Amazing.

Using the ComVu PocketCaster software I broadcast live audio and video from the secondary video camera to the web. I almost can't believe I just did it. But we have video to prove it. So it must have been real.

Here's the video from The future.

Here's my Personal Cellphone Webcast page where I also have a second video recorded with what ComVu calls the back cam, it's the bigger one on the side of the N93.


Rupert said...

This is awesome. It *is* the future. I didn't realise how powerful a tool it would be until I got it.
I've been meaning to come here and comment for a while. I've been sending all sorts of people to your blog whenever they ask about my phone. I've had an N93 for 2 months now - I heard about it at the same time you launched this, and you totally convinced me to get it, so I delayed upgrading my phone or buying another camera until my phone company (3 Mobile in UK) would give it to me as a free upgrade. I am totally in love with it. I thought I'd use it a bit, but I use it ALL THE TIME, and somehow I still haven't got round to getting a bigger memory card (which was the first thing on my list when I got it) because it's so easy to Bluetooth and Wifi the files. I've edited a couple of things on it, but mostly just used it for shooting - I filmed myself shaving off my beard with it (!) for my vlog, which I would never have been inspired to do with another camera. The Wifi thing is the business. I only use it for my usual rough and ready filming of stuff - and some nice still pics for private use - but it's great to see you put it through its paces, and to see how pretty its images can be. Nice one. Keep it up.

CS said...


Do you have any idea what would be the possible business model for Cellphone live broadcasting?

I am using PocketCaster too for my teaching.


Anonymous said...

That is totally cool? Can that be done with the iPhone?

Steve Garfield said...

Hi Kathy,
You can't do this yet with an iPhone...

Looking forward to see it happen after developers get a hold of the Apple SDK development tools.


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