Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nokia N800 Displays N95 Flickr Photo

Nokia N800 Displays N95 Flickr Photo

You know I love the Nokia N95, now I've displayed a picture taken with the N95, and posted directly to flickr, on the Nokia N800.

This is too much.

Kind of crazy.

It's the future.


iConjohn said...

Hey Steve, thanks for this informative Nokia test site. I just recieved a Nokia 93 from Lucy for testing. Lots of bells and whistles.
John Coffey

Arpit said...


I am trying to do this from my n95 but everytime I try to retrieve the services, it says authentication failed. Could you confirm what login I need to use - old skool or the yahoo login?


Steve Garfield said...

Hi Arpit,
It's neither of those. It's a special username/password from this page.

Special Nokia and Flickr Username/Password

Arpit said...

I think I have found the answer -

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