Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nokia N95 Live WiFi Video Streaming

Transatlantic and coast to coast:
This was amazing. I saw Chris Pirillo on Twitter say he was using to broadcast himself live. So, off I went to see what was going on. Lo and behold, i saw Chris chatting away to people on the builtin webchat they had on his show page and also on irc. So, I hooked up my webcam and Skyped him. Then I could see myself on his screen too! We chatted away while others watched. Meanwhile, I was projecting the whole thing on my wall with one of my projectors (I love projectors). THEN, Steve Garfield popped up in the chat room and started using his ComVu account and a Nokia N95 to broadcast LIVE from his phone too!! At one point all three of us were chatting away, with some stilted lag here and there, but it was a truly trans-Atlantic and coast-to-coast broadcast! Three geeks wittering away! Heheh. Me in London, Chris and Seattle and Steve in Boston. GREAT!
This was very exciting. Part of it had to do with the immediacy of the live broadcast, part of it was the excitement of finding new uses for leading edge technology, and part of it was the fun of connecting to friends in real time in a unique way.


Chris said...

Hey Steve, were you able to use Comvu to stream through Ustream? I've wanted to find out if that worked, just haven't had time to personally investigate.

Steve Garfield said...

Hi Chris,
I hadn't even thought about that. I would think that it only works with ComVu.

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