Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nokia N93 Photo Sent via Lifeblog WiFi

Michael Meiser in a comment on the last post wanted to see how I posted that video via Hipcast. Basically I just went onto the Hipcast web site via the Nokia N93 web browser and uploaded the video by browsing my local storage and selecting the video that I wanted to upload.

His question got me to thinking though, was there a way to make uploading media even more easy?

Then I remembered that Nokia has an embedded blog posting application called Lifeblog on the N93. It's preferred blog hosting site is Typepad so I entered in my Typepad username/password and uploaded a photo.

It's very straighforward and seamless.

Here's a video:

If you are interested in the many options I had for hosting this video here, check out my video blog post, posting video.


James said...

I've recently been attempting to do some video editing on the phone, the editor seems quite powerful, unfortunately it always crashes when saving the final movie . . . does your’s do the same?

Rupert said...

Now I'm getting excited... Wondered about how the Lifeblog thing would work ever since I heard about it months ago. Nice snaps, too. How's the weight and bulk? I hear it's about twice as heavy as a standard cellphone?

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