Friday, August 25, 2006

Nokia N93 Video Sent via WiFi

I have experienced the future of Citizen Journalism first hand. It's all about hand held multimedia devices, connected via WiFi from the street, and posting as it happens.

I sent this video from Centre Street in Jamaica Plain from the Nokia N93 I am testing.

I recorded the video and saved it to the phone, then connected to the free WiFi at Sweet Finnish from the sidewalk.

Then I went over to and using the browser in the phone, logged on to Hipcast and uploaded the video.

I was with Carol and she wanted to go home so I closed the phone.

When I got home I went back onto Hipcast and posted the video. I just as well could have posted from the sidewalk.


Note: This phone has NO Cellular SERVICE, so there's no need to pay a monthly broadband access fee if you have a WiFi enabled phone, and there are free WiFi points that are available to you in the city.

Download File


James said...

Some great hints coming being posted now, thanks Steve, love the idea of posting video directly via the N93!

Rupert said...

You obviously got over your earlier problem with the WEP password. What did you do?

Steve Garfield said...

Hey Rupert,
Instead of figuring that out, I removed the WEP password from my Airport. Shh... don't tell anyone.

Rupert said...


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