Friday, August 25, 2006

Sunflower Photo from Nokia N93

Sunflower and Sky

This is the photo of the sunflower I took with the N93 that I displayed earlier on my TV.

Once you get a handle on the focus, you'll get some nice shots. It takes getting used to since the flipout viewscreen is to the left of the lens.

I'll have to play around some more with the photo features. It takes a second to focus as you press halfway down on the capture key.

The camera also has an inbuilt LED flash. It's pretty bright and the manual has a warning about it, "Do not use the flash on people or animals at close range."

Oops. Too late.

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Anonymous said...

That's an impressive photo. I must be doing something seriously wrong with my N93 as the images it takes for me are really poor in comparison.

I previously had an N73 which took far better quality pictures but both handsets are supposed to have the same 3.2 mp camera and Carl Zeiss lens....go figure?!

It kinda spoils an otherwise impressive handset...even if it is a little big 'n bulky.

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