Thursday, September 21, 2006

N93 Video Duration

Here are the durations of video, in minutes and seconds, that can be recorded with a Nokia N93, using the standard phone memory:

30 fps 1:59
15 fps 3:56

30 fps 7:20
15 fps 13:46

This explains why my phone always stopped recording after about 2 minutes. You need to upgrade the miniSD card to 2 GB to get the advertised 90 minutes total record time, with 60 minutes at one shot.

I'd like to try one of those.

Next up, I'll try recording at some of these other settings. I've been using TV MODE 30 fps exclusively. That gives you 640 x 480 video.

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Matthias said...

Yes, the phone memory is laughable. And the included memory card as well. But I bought a SanDisk Ultra II 2GB, and now all is well, I can take as many videos as I like. I think the fast card also solved the problem of dropped frames.

Haven't tried a 60min video yet, though. The battery (not to mention my arm) would probably give up much earlier anyway. What we need is an N93 tripod with solar power :-).

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