Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nokia Panel

Live blogging notes:

Om Malik

Steve Boom - Yahoo! Broadband and Mobile groups
Connected Life

people are connected at all times via broadband or mobile.

They want access to their data in the social media world.

Martin Varsavsky CEO of FON.
Desktop, Laptop, to pocket.

It's a movement to the pocket.

Ralph EricKunz Nokia
Bringing promise to life

Split hardware on OS.

Take user by the hand and see how we can get a compelling experience froma PC screen to some thing that fits in a pocket.

Developing Internet, connected home, mobile computing.

Connecting with companies to make it easy.

Why would I give up Apple and go to Nokia?

What do you want to carry with you at all costs. What additional experiences can you take in?

Music, GPS and Maps...

If you just want music and you started out with an iPod, Nokia has that AND a good cell phone experience.

These experiences need to be combined in a compelling way. Interconnected.

Take address out of contacts, say navigate and the apps work together..

Om: You need to do a Mac version of you computer programs if you want influencers...

The Nseries is an open platform the 3rd parties can develop on. That's what differentiates Nokia from Apple. You are going to need to allow other people's services on your device.

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