Friday, September 22, 2006

SanDisk Ultra II™ Mobile miniSD 2GB

The SanDisk Ultra II™ Mobile miniSD 2GB, SDSDMU-2048, will give you a LOT more space for video on the N93.

Transfer Speeds:
* Write 9MB/sec
* Read 10MB/sec

BUY at Amazon:
SanDisk SDSDM-2048-A10M 2 GB Mini SD Card


James said...

I recorded my very first N93 holiday video the other day. I managed to fit 1 hour 20 minutes of top quality video and about 200 pictures onto my 2GB card.

Got home, imported the video into iMovie (using the iSight setting to get the best results), and put together a 45 minute iPod H.264 (640 x 480) video that looked for all the world like it had been shot on a standard DV cam.

I really feel that the N93 is a watershed photophone, it really is something quite special - as this blog is proving . . . (^_^)

Maat C said...


I got myself a 1GB sandisk memory but have some troubles with it. The clips I transferred to the phone ran fine for a while, then a "file broken" icon appeared and after a while the file disappeared altogether. same with fotos and music.

Also with the new memory sometimes it would not let me use the camera. Everytime I flipped the display into cameramode it said "-camera closed" No way to access it as long as the new memory was in the phone. Reformatting did not help either

Anyone else had trouble like this or might have an idea why this happens?

Cheers, M

Anonymous said...

I have seen the same problem - files diappear off of a TOPRAM 2GB miniSD card a couple of times. I used a utility to climed the files. But I am not sure what happened.


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