Sunday, February 25, 2007

Green: Recorded and edited on a train with an N95

I recorded this movie, edited it, added credits and a soundtrack on the Nokia N95 while riding the Orange line train from Green Street to Downtown Crossing. That's about a 15 minute ride.

This is an exciting development to be able to be able to shoot and edit a little video while on a train on a cell phone. I don't have cell service on the phone yet, otherwise I would have been able to post it to my blog too. Once we get free WiFi all around Boston I'll be able to use that to send the video via WiFi where ever I want. This is exciting because it allows video production from the streets.

I'd never used the N95's video editor and learned how to use it on the train ride. I shot a few clip and then did an assemble edit. Added transitions and credits. Then I took the song Let Go from Imogen Heap and added it as a soundtrack. I trimmed that down to match the length of the video, 28 seconds. MBTA Map.


john said...

Can this sort of editing also be done with the N93?


John Leeke

Steve Garfield said...

Yes! You can do editing like this on an N93.

austech News said...


Infact i'd believe its even the same software.

There are some minor bugs in it, but I've made some great videos.

You can do crossfades, edits, its all good... it really forces you to do minimalist style editing, and your videos come out all the better for it - no more star wipes! ;p

If anyones intererested I can post some links to some I've done on my n93

Ravi said...

And the MBTA "Don't Film Here" Meanies didn't yell at you (like they did back in 1994 when I tried to shoot a video on the T).

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