Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nokia N93 Tripod

I recently received an N93 tripod from Nokia for testing.

Nokia N93 with Tripod Nokia N93 with Tripod

It's the Nokia DT-22 Tripod Adapter and basically adds the much needed standard tripod mount to the bottom of the N93. This adapter can fit on your standard tripod in addition to the neat little Nokia tripod.

Nokia N93 Tripod Mount Nokia N93 Tripod Mount

If you've got an N93 and shoot video, you need this tripod. The legs extend too. One cool thing you can do is use the tripod to hold the camera out at arms length when shooting either a still photo or video of yourself.

I also used the adapter to attach a Bogen - Manfrotto RC2 Compact Rapid Connect Mounting Plate 3157N to the N93 so that I could attach it to my Bogen tripod. See the pic.


Roland Tanglao said...

i want a tripod too! i'll have to order one when i have saved my pennies coz i doubt it's available in stores in canada unfortunately

Colum said...

Software update is now available
again for N93.

Mark Guim said...

Does it fit the Nokia N95?

Steve Garfield said...

This tripod doesn't fit the N95.

Anonymous said...

when is the tripod released in the uk?

Alha said...

hi Colum,

I tried to update the nokia to the new firmware but the update program doesn't recognize my nokia. I've checked which version is available for the n93 and the update website says Did you succesfully update the phone ?

Also Steve do you know a price of the tripod ? txs


Anonymous said...

Where can I get a tripod, the N93 was not available in Australia last time I looked, I had to buy it in Greece! So, best way to get a tripod??

Steve Garfield said...

The tripod does fit the N95.

You've got to attach it tot he side instead of the bottom!

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