Thursday, February 15, 2007

Watching YouTube and Rocketboom on the Nokia N95 Cellphone

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In this video I show how you can watch internet videos on the Nokia N95. First we look at a YouTube video and then an episode of Rocketboom.

I am so psyched to be able to show you guys this since it completes the circle of being able to record a video, upload it via WiFi, then subscribe, download and watch, all on the same device.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), YouTube.


Shaula Evans said...

Great job on the video, Steve.

I'd love to know why you picked for your video player. I'm in a project that includes a number of different video upload sites, and I welcome informed opinions on one player over the other.

Steve Garfield said...

Thanks Shaula.

Why Blip?

The people. is made up of a great group of people who are there to help support videobloggers. I've become good friends with them.

They are continually coming out with new features to make the site better.

The cool thing about vs. some other sites is that you still have access to your original upload, so that even though blip converts QuickTime to flash, you could choose to display the QuickTime version.

You also can inuclude the QuickTime version for RSS feeds and iTunes store.

Lots of great features. Try it.

Vinay said...

that's awesome, i can't wait until the nokia n95 comes out. Do you know if it will come out in the United States? specifically New York?

Scott said...

Hi there, I'm very curious how you were able to stream youtube videos through Real Player on the N95? I have the N93 and am trying to figure out how to watch youtube videos on it, and I'm assuming the OS's are similar if not the same? Any advice on how to get youtube to work on my 93 would be greatly appreciated! :)


Steve Garfield said...

You use the Nokia Video Centre

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